Sharing tips, tricks and resources to help you bring your family history to life.

I’m Scarlett, a genealogy enthusiast who first started exploring family history whilst investigating my own family tree. With this blog I aim to help others to understand their own ancestry by sharing the tips, tricks and resources that I have found upon the way. I am a firm believer that genealogy is about more than understanding the basic facts of a person’s life; birth, marriage and death dates. I think it is important to understand the history that surrounded them, influencing their decisions and lives. Ultimately I hope to help you not only build your family tree but be able to tell the stories of your ancestors.

About my family history

I will share parts of my family history through my blog posts with examples of my approach to research and the resources I have used. My research to date has been concentrated in England, and mostly in the North East, but I also have some experience of searching for Irish and Scottish ancestors. I aim to make my blog posts relevant to anyone researching their family history, but some posts may be fairly specific to those with ancestry in the UK and Ireland.